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Each season, PAL Ice Hockey selects one individual to receive the Donny Richardson Distinguished Service Award. The award is presented to recognize someone who has enhanced the lives of our members while being a leader within our organization. The Donny Richardson Distinguished Service Award is named after Donny Richardson, who was lost to us in a tragic accident. We give this award to honor Donny’s memory and recognize those who follow in his good works.

Donny played his youth hockey for PAL and at the time of his passing was a Board member for the organization. But more than that, he was a great man that loved his family and the game of hockey.  Donny worked for years at The Rinx giving lessons, working clinics and was instrumental in restarting the girls program.  He was a Dad, Husband, Friend, Governor, Head Coach, Instructor and a valuable asset to the organization. He helped create the name PRIDE in Athletics for Life and lived it every day.

The PAL Board of Directors is proud to announce that it has selected PAL Junior Islanders NCDC Head Coach Mike Marcou as the 2022 recipient of the Donny Richardson Distinguished Service Award.

Coach Marcou has a marked respect throughout the hockey community at all levels distinguishing himself as not only a successful coach but more importantly a driving force in developing his players into focused and successful young men. Despite his personal health battles this past year, he continued to be dedicated to his players and the game.

“Coach has an amazing way of connecting with his players in ways other coaches can’t … he really relates to his players and a lot of coaches just don’t have that ability” said PAL Executive Director Tom Palamara “they can’t always transition from player to coach, but Mike has got that ability to think like a player and also think like a coach.”

The Donny Richardson Award is presented annually to honor an individual who has enhanced the lives of our members while being a leader within the organization. Someone who is a champion of the philosophies and objectives for the benefit of our players and the integrity of the organization. Coach Marcou has always exemplified just that, especially this past year.



2018/2019 - Chris Zarcone

2019/2020 - Michelle Bernardo

2020/2021 - None due to Covid